The background used on this site is "Green Cup" by Atle Mo via Subtle Patterns. The background pattern used on some of the subpages is an edit I did of several patterns, Atle Mo's "Stardust", Atle Mo's "Rice Paper 3", and Sagive SEO's "Grey Washed Wall" all via Subtle Patterns. Another subpage includes an edited version of "Concrete Seamless" by Archour, also via Subtle Patterns.

Pixel rose lace by Fool Lovers. You might need a proxy to view that.

The font used on this site is called "Rainstorms in July" and is based on my handwriting. Font can be downloaded directed here, or from here at DaFont. This font is free to use for all purposes. The font used on one of the subpages is "Morris Roman Black" by Dieter Steffmann.

Audio used on one of the subpages is "Rainfrog Loop 1" by Sithjawa at Freesound. License can be found here, and I have left the file unedited.